Black & Toxic Mould

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Mould is recognised as a potential health hazard.  The risk can be assessed from exposure time, quantity and genus (species). The UK is now recognised as having the most asthma sufferers in the world.   Almost 50% of UK properties have mould in some form or other, often hidden in voids and stud partitions or behind wallpaper and surface finishes.

While “Black” mould is often regarded as toxic, the reality is that most moulds are potentially allergenic.  “Black moulds” can often appear in various colours, white, green or blue.  The colour, or visible quantity often bears no relationship to the risk and only sampling and analysis will determine this.

Killing mould can result in toxins being released from ruptured or dried out spores.  Industry accepted protocols dictate mould removal in preference to killing or blocking.

Dead mould is recognised as potentially more allergenic and toxic than live mould.

The most significant factors in mould growth within the built environment are:

  • Where is the moisture coming from which promotes the mould growth?
  • Can we control or eliminate this moisture, causing the mould?

These two factors must be addressed prior to any decontamination as further growth is inevitable.

What we provide:

  • Moisture investigation to identify the moisture source.
  • Analysis of the mould both viable and non viable.
  • Cleaning of mould effected areas.
  • Controlled decontamination.
  • Third party clearance certification.

Mould Removal
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