Gross Filth & Void Property

Professional Gross Filth and Void Cleaning Services

The cleaning of voids or unoccupied properties is often unpleasant and can involve extreme hazards ranging from blood borne pathogen exposure, hypodermic needles left behind, rotting infested food, animal excrement and various normally expected issues from personal injury to asbestos exposure.

Properties occupied illegally are often abused and apart from material damage, which may expose construction asbestos in doors, ceilings and walls, there are associated risks from excrement and drug paraphernalia.

Body fluids ranging from blood, urine, vomit and faeces, present additional hazards and risks and must be assessed and apportioned risk. 

Whether a property has been contaminated and soiled by squatters or legal occupiers, Hazmat Response provide discreet and economic solutions nationwide.

What we provide:

  • House clearance and disposal of all waste.
  • Garden Clearance.
  • Loft space clearance & removal of insulation.
  • Removal & disposal of hypodermic needles & drug paraphernalia.
  • Deep clean of property.
  • Fumigation against pest infestations.
  • De-odourisation.
  • Antimicrobial sanitisation.
  • Your property back to perfect condition.

Gross filth and void cleaning
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Image of filth in a void propery from Hazmat-Response

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