SODA Blasting

SODA Blasting

Hazmat Response is pleased to offer non abrasive and environmentally friendly Bicarbonate of Soda blast cleaning. Using pressures as low as 5 PSI (.5BAR) and a variety of soda medium we can strip paint and grime one coat at a time.  The non abrasive and water soluble soda can be used in a variety of situation where glass, mechanical parts are sensitive to usual sand blasting.

The soda with a slight alkaline property will degrease and leave a protective film.

Ideally suited to removing paint from aircraft, cars or engineering components, glass, paint and grease stripping from electric motors the various soda grades can provide either a polished finish or slightly etched ideal for paint finishing (subject to film removal).  The low pressure and environmentally friendly system makes it ideal for stone and façade cleaning.  Soda residue can be simply washed away and the alkaline residue neutralised with white vinegar or citric acid.

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Image of our Hazmat Soda Blaster

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