Meth Labs & Cannabis Factories

Meth Labs and Cannabis Factories

The developing market of illicit drug labs and factories has seen a surge in the need for decontamination of properties illegally used for production of cannabis, crack cocaine and crystal meth. 

Everyday properties are being rented from unsuspecting landlords and agents for the sole purpose of drug manufacturing.  Landords and agents are often unaware until the tenant moves out or the property is raided by the police.

Meth Labs

Crystal Meth is manufactured using various chemicals which include heavy metals, acids and household products that would not be out of place in your home.  Apart from the obvious risks of these SVOCs (semi volatile organic chemicals) they are likely to be absorbed into surfaces or be generally present in the air.

There is a need to decontaminate all surfaces and substrates to remove these hazards. Technicians must wear full breathing or respiratory protection and suitable PPE with fully enclosed level B protection.

Cannabis farms

While the risks from plant life such as cannabis may be low risk, the production of cannabis from these plants and concentrated residue will require similar protection to decontamination technicians as Meth Labs.  Cannabis manufacturing in properties can cause destruction to the basic property structure.  Often holes are made in floors, walls and ceilings to accomodate heat and ventilation systems.  Properties can often suffer from moisture and mould issues, due to the humidity levels maintained whilst growing.

Where properties have been contaminated with any form of hazardous chemical or residue there is a need for decontamination and remediation.

Hazmat Response can undertake independent sampling and analysis to ensure all areas have been decontaminated to a safe and acceptable standard.

What we provide:

  • Liaison with police, insurers & agents.
  • Clearance & disposal of all hazardous chemicals, substances & materials.
  • Clearance & disposal of drug paraphernalia.
  • Removal & disposal of contaminated plaster & surfaces.
  • Clearance & disposal of loft insulation.
  • Decontamination of property.
  • Remediation of walls, ceilings, doors & floors.
  • Removal of moisture & mould.

Meth labs and Cannabis factories
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